Kolleksjoner med dyr

Iselin Fra kr 552.00
Irja Fra kr 552.00
Sign Fra kr 552.00
Levi Blu Fra kr 552.00
Blake Fra kr 552.00
Isa Fra kr 552.00
Iben Fra kr 552.00
White bear King Valemon Fra kr 552.00
Lea 2nd Edition Fra kr 552.00
Jinx 2nd Edition Fra kr 552.00
Roxy Fra kr 552.00
Agnes Fra kr 552.00
Safari - Personal poster
Safari - Personal poster
Fra kr 790.00 View Product
Lily of the valley - Personal poster
Lily of the valley - Personal poster
Fra kr 690.00 View Product

Plakater med personlig tekst

Gjør bildene ekstra unike med personlig tekst på plakatene

Vi har motiver til ulike anledninger

Faith - Personal poster Fra kr 690.00
Floral - Personal poster Fra kr 690.00
Purple - Personal poster Fra kr 690.00
Cancer - personal poster Fra kr 790.00
Taurus - personal poster Fra kr 790.00
Red clover
Red clover
Fra kr 392.00 View Product
Fra kr 392.00 View Product

Plakater med blomster og planter

Twins Fra kr 392.00
Silence Fra kr 392.00
Cream Fra kr 392.00
Vanilla Fra kr 392.00
Dahlia Fra kr 392.00
Pink Protea Fra kr 392.00

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Good discounts, efficient shipments, "på'n" on social media and not least; beautiful art! Highly recommended ❤️

- Little

About the product

What is an art poster?

An art poster is a reproduction of a work of art, in our case digital drawings that Linn creates. The drawings are printed on thick, high-quality matt paper in various sizes that fit into standard frames. An art poster has the colors and details of the original artwork, but by selling it as posters you make the motifs available to a wider audience at a more affordable price.

We emboss all the images with our logo to show that you have the real thing straight from us. The logo does not interfere with the visual expression of the poster, as it is only visible up close.

Welcome to our art shop with posters and canvas designed by Linn Wold

Create a unique touch in your living room with our wide selection of posters designed by Norwegian Linn Wold. We have what you need to create the perfect atmosphere in your home! See our best-selling posters here.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of art and posters to suit every taste and style. Read more about our various products here. Our art posters and canvas are designed to ensure they capture attention and make a visual statement that will excite you. We have posters that will attract both new and experienced art lovers of all ages, with different styles.

We want to give you a good experience as a customer with us. We greatly value our satisfied customers, which is why customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go to great lengths to ensure you get quality goods, fast and reliable delivery, and a simple and user-friendly online store that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Shop safely and securely with us, and discover why we are one of the leading online stores in Scandinavia for online posters.