Welcome to our world of art!

Long story, short: Linn started making a living from selling her own art and in 2016 Linn Wold transitioned into a full time business. Since then Linn Wold has been selling art prints to retailers, interior designers and private customers. Her exquisite prints are eye catching with hints of surrealism and colour palettes that compliment interior design. With the help of Instagram and social media, Linn’s beautiful works of art have reached the far corners of the globe and gained a momentous online following.

As well as an established online boutique, Linn Wold has a showroom and head office in Elverum, Norway with a vibrant team of employees. With numerous retailers in Norway and abroad, Linn Wold is proud to have stockists in over 15 different countries worldwide. Linn Wold is an ever growing brand that keeps up to date with today´s styles and trends, finding great motivation in innovative interior products and styling.

Together for a better world

We at Linn Wold have always had a strong focus on giving back and taking our responsibility for a more sustainable world, be it in the form of charity or the way we run the company.


Each order with us is individually produced. By avoiding large warehouses of posters and packaging, we manage to keep our consumption low, and our sustainability high. And not least, our customer gets a fresh and new print straight from the press.

Social responsibility

We all have a social responsibility, which we also value. We regularly collaborate with various charities, and thanks to our wonderful customers, our small business has been able to support organizations such as Amnesty, the Children's Cancer Association, Sykehusklovnene and Rosa Sløyfe.