Personal portrait

Following great demand, Linn has opened up to drawing personal portraits based on photo references. Once the order has been registered, we will contact you for reference picture(s) and general information. Production time approx. 14 days.

If you want to immortalize your child, lover or pet in a unique way, now is your chance! Choose the desired size and number of elements on the portrait when you buy the product below. Example: You want to order a portrait of your daughter with the family dog, then you choose "two motifs" and the desired size. The dog and the girl must not be together in the picture you provide as a reference, there can be one picture of the girl and the dog separately.

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Personal portrait - Extra

From kr 7,600.00 NOK

Personal portraits are made to order, therefore it is not possible to return the product. The artworks are printed as Giclee prints on 180gr matt gallery paper, signed by hand and embossed.