Personal portrait - Extra

Custom poster made by Linn based on your personal photo (or other ideas/references) - with an artistic touch by Linn! This is for those who want more than a pure portrait drawing. Size 70x100cm. Once the order has been registered, we will contact you for a reference picture and/or general information. Delivery time approx. 30 days.

Custom posters are made to order, therefore it is not possible to return the product.
The drawing is printed as a Gicleé print on 180gr matte gallery paper, signed by hand and embossed.

kr 7,600.00 NOK

✓ Free shipping over NOK 1,000


1. All our art posters are drawn by Linn on her digital drawing board.

2. Each poster is printed to order from our studio in Elverum, Norway.

3. The posters are cut by hand and embossed for authenticity before being rolled into tubes or framed.

3-5 days delivery
Free shipping over NOK 1,500
Secure payments
High quality