7 years as an artist, but this is the first time we have held an exhibition based on original works. And it turned out to be something we are definitely going to repeat!

Early in September, we decided that we wanted to hold an exhibition in our basement rooms. With only time on our side, we started planning both the concept and design. There's no doubt that we work better under pressure, and with a few weeks to spare, we all had to gear up.

The concept that was landed was a depiction between heaven and hell. And with a "So, now what?" we wanted to look back at what was, where we are now, and most importantly ask the question; where are we going?

We will not hide that the last few months have been challenging for us, and running as a self-employed person is simply a waltz between heaven and hell. It goes fast from top to bottom, and vice versa. But a journey we wouldn't trade for anything in the world!


We divided the basement rooms into two. The first room you encounter is "hell". The room was painted with a warm yellow and orange tone throughout the room and with works that "give a little extra f***". With a combination of digital drawing, spray cans, and paint, I wanted to push my own limits. After several years of purely digital drawing, it was simply a liberation and at the same time a big challenge to tackle traditional techniques.

Personal favorites from the "hell" room

"When life gives you lemons"

Based on the quote "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," this picture came to life. For me, this picture symbolizes life itself. A combination of a bunch of things that absolutely don't make sense, which you also have to juggle to the best of your ability. While life is also exhaustively beautiful. This picture was purchased by a local resident of Elverum, something we appreciate extra. 


Not everything always goes according to plan, and "Amore" is definitely one of those images. I was originally going to throw it away because it had become too overproduced. I ended up cutting off almost half of the picture and asked Hanna and Christin to come down and express themselves freely on the rest. It turned out to be a strategically good choice, because honestly, this has become a personal favorite among all of us. We hope the buyer from Skien takes good care of our very first collaboration piece!

"Personal favorites from the "Heaven" room

"Frida & Salvador"

Two of my absolute favorite artists throughout time are Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí. I wanted to combine these two in a portrait based on my style, but also incorporate elements from their own eras. By incorporating birds, bold colors, and Salvador's famous clock, this has become a work that I hold in high regard myself.


Have you ever felt the feeling of standing and shouting, but no one hears? "Prayers" symbolizes an unparalleled determination, but also a frustration that prayers are not being heard. A "powerful image" with a color palette that I have become very fond of.


Written by Linn Wold

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