Recently, we have launched several 2nd editions of popular posters. We hope this is at least as much fun for our followers who have been with us for a long time, as it is for us! Linn, who is constantly evolving her style, takes amazing pieces she created several years ago and gives them an update.

But why?

"It's been almost 10 years since I sat down and drew my very first subject to try and sell it as art. My style has definitely changed since then and I hope it's as much fun for you as it is for me to see how my style has evolved over time."

The concepts and messages behind the posters are timeless, but both the environment, trends and not least the audience change, which Linn continuously takes into account in her images.

Will a 2nd edition become more popular than an old classic? It's always just as exciting to see who does it best!

"Often it can be a bit difficult to see what you have actually achieved over the years. After all, you go into your regular routine and re-recording familiar and beloved photos and giving them a new life helps me to see a positive development, which in turn provides a lot of extra inspiration."

So there you have it! Creating new versions of old posters provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the timelessness of art, explore new creative directions and experience an emotional journey through past works. Then the heated debate about "which ones are nicest" can last forever... You can buy exactly the image that gives you the best vibes!

Here are three older posters drawn by Linn (Tara, Marina & Headdress), all of which have received a 2nd edition - click on the link below to see the result!

Posters before and after - see the difference here!

Written by Hanna Helseth

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